Christ truly truly lived and died and atoned for every one of us

Angelina said this during testimony time at the end of Relief Society on 28 September 2014:

The words are never able to express the depth of my gratitude for my understanding of the gospel through . . . all the standard answers, and returning again and again to utilize the Atonement. . . . Heavenly Father is in fact our Father. We are God in embryo. We are related to Jesus Christ, who truly truly lived and died and atoned for every one of us. . . . The Book of Mormon is the written word of real men . . . in their individual perspectives . . . so we could have a greater understanding of how to navigate this life. . . . I will just end with stating that I really love you ladies . . . so grateful for this gospel . . . I hope and pray that it reaches a spot in you that has been wondering or questioning . . . We’re not even close to comprehending [His love for us].


because it changed my life

Anita P. recently returned home from serving a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She said in her talk on 24 August 2014:

The Book of Mormon is a key to conversion — something that I didn’t really understand before my mission. [We also love the Bible.] I received a greater urgency to share it with everybody because it changed my life. . . . It testifies of Jesus Christ and how we can come closer to Him every day. . . . I know that He changed our countenances. . . . [My mission president] challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in two weeks with a question in mind: ‘How can the enabling power of Christ bless my life?’ . . . I know that the Atonement is not just for forgiving sins. It’s also for strength . . . I love this gospel and I know that Jesus Christ lives.


Heavenly Father is at the helm

In Tom L.’s sacrament meeting talk on 17 August 2014, he said:

We have to remember that Heavenly Father is at the helm. . . . I have a strong testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, of Joseph Smith, and of our prophet today [Thomas S. Monson].


Another brother from our stake (I don’t know his name) also spoke. He said that we

can feel the Savior’s touch . . . We need the Savior in our lives in order to be happy. . . . We are all precious in His sight. . . .